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Category Archives: Art Examples


Examplesof Installations that relate to your projects

Nam June Paik – Buddha

Tony Oursler

Ken Rinaldo

Pipilotti Rist

Michael Naimark

Babbage ComputingMachine×535/10301732.jpg

Wim Delvoye – Cloaca

Tim Hawkinson

Theo Jansen

Helmut Smits.

David Rokeby

Gordan Pask


John Klima

Art+Com & Human Machine

Maywa Denki

robotic self destruct and self healing chair

Walking Chair

Golan Levin

art+com – deVisualizer

Damian Ortega

Something to think about, Gever Tulley of the Tinkering School describes 5 dangerous things you should let kids do as part of their development.


Swimming Pool – Leandro Erlich

Interactive Water Pool Art+Com

Interactive Water Pool 2 Art+Com

Cheese Christian Moeller

Legible City – Jeffrey Shaw (1989)

The Golden Calf – Jeffrey Shaw (1994)

The Giver of Names – David Rokeby (1990)

Pocket Full of Memories – George LeGrady (2001-2003)

InTouch – Tangible Media Group MIT Media Lab (1997)

Mary Sester – Access (2003)

The Most Wanted Painting – Komar & Melamid (1995-1997)

Graffiti Research Lab

Boundary Functions – Scott Snibe (1998)

Stock Merket Skirt – Nancy Patterson (1998)

clink! – Fabian Winkler (2002)

Wooden Mirror – Daniel Rozin (1999)

A Hole in Space – Kit Galloway and Sherrie Rabinowitz (1980)

Is anyone out there? – Stephen Wilson (1992)

Das Zimmer (The Room) – Pipilotti Rist (1994)