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Sole Identity by Jesse Chorng


My piece attempts to answer the question “What do our shoes say about us?” by using machine learning to analyze and classify the bottom of users’ shoes.

Sole Identity captures ones out-sole and tries to determine the intended purpose the shoe was designed for. Much like a thumbprint, one’s shoe print has unique characteristics that can identify an individual. In the shoe design process, special attention is paid to the sole because of its importance in ensuring durability and comfort. Once a person’s shoe is identified as either a casual, skate, or athletic type, an image of the shoe is then placed into an environment where it is animated and interacts with other pairs according to characteristics specific to their classification.

The goal of the project is to demonstrate to the user how their shoes were meant to behave. By giving life to ones footwear, a person can visually understand the purpose of their shoes and determine whether their shoe choices do indeed reflect who they are.

INPUT: the bottom of people’s shoes
BLACK BOX: classification of soles as Casual, Athletic, or Skateboarding
OUTPUT: animated environment of captured soles

Download Code
Download Powerpoint


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