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This exercise was about syncing an output with music. For the scope of that project, the processing code doesn’t listen to the music; instead, the interactivity is brought by playing with the keyboard and the mouse:

 – by pressing successively W five time accordingly to the music rhythm, the program will register the music tempo and displays psychedelic bubbles at each beat. Pressing Q will unregister the tempo.


 – C will throw random numbers that will move like objects on a pond.


Each of the created objects stay on stage and move towards the audience (each object is actually a particule that evolves in a 3D space), but the user can change the display in the following way:

– V launches the Time Shift, where all the particles are moved back in time (ie in the background) very quickly. It is meant to match momentums in the music.


– P and M changes the field of vision of the pseudo 3D engine.


– If the right click is pressed on, the image is not redrawn at each call of draw, resulting in a perceived accelerated motion.

– Moving the mouse change the relative position of the camera in the 3D space.

Also the class Particle3D provides an abstraction to develop all kinds of 3D object that can evolve in this space, but I haven’t explore further this possibility.

The music I used was “Anyway You Choose to Give It” by The Black Ghosts, remixed by Boy-8-Bit.




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