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dotsPaul Shen, Joana Ricou, Jet Townsend


Installation:  The installation is in a darkened area where 50-100 LEDs appear to float. The installation hangs from a suspended PVC square frame.When visitors observe from afar the installation will pulse in synchronicity. If a visitor approaches, they will disturb nearby LEDs. The lights will eventually synchronize again.

Still needed:

  • dimensions


Input: Presence of visitors.

Blackbox: The presence of visitors will disturb the pulsing pattern of nearby LEDs. Individual LEDs use consensus to synchronize their blinking. 

Output: an increasingly synchronized pulsing.




  • prototype of 13 LEDs
  • deliver sketch of algorithm
  • decide on appearance
  • decide on sensors: presence 
  • material list



  • PVC pipe + paint: lowe’s/home depot
  • conductive thread or wire: already have
  • 1 or more arduinos: already have
  • LED drivers / shift registers / multiplexors: already have
  • LEDs
  • PIR Sensor (



  • how many LEDs?
  • size of the external structure of the LEDs?
  • what will it do when no-one is close? (Can it reset itself?)
  • does it respond to motion or presence? Ie. will it re-synch if people stand close but still?
  • if someone stands close to an LED cluster could those stay on?

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