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Shoe Prints

For my final proposal, I hope to create a piece that scans a user’s shoe print, classifies it as certain type of footwear, and then animates it on screen according to its characteristics. A person will step onto a platform which has a clear plexiglass top with a camera underneath. The piece will take a picture of the sole of the shoe and try to classify it. The following categories will be:
– Basketball/Athletic
– Running
– Skateboarding
– Casual

Based on its classification, the shoes will then be animated to interact in a projected space according to certain characteristics. For example, a person’s shoe print that is classified as a running shoe will start running around the perimeter of the screen and constantly be in motion. A skateboard shoe print will be placed onto a board shape and glide around, interweaving between other groups and generally disrupting the space. Basketball prints will be competitive and challenging other similarly classified prints. And so on.

This piece is strongly influenced by braitenberg vehicles, which try to make complex interactions through objects with simple rules.

For phase 1, I will create circles in Processing which exemplify each category and start to get an idea of how the interactions will take place. I will also start building the platform and calibrating the camera capture.


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