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Here I’ve clustered 35 currencies, based on their change of exchange rate with respect to the Euro in the past 2 years.  Each cluster is represented as a gear, and the gears spin together, symbolizing kind of how the world economy spin together…. yeah… Visually there’s much more to be done. In particular, I’d like to give it a more dreary and factory-like look with “dirtier” grimier colors that are associated with both money and gears, grease/oil, both for the text and the background. It’s really way too happy right now given the current economic situation. The gears might also start rattling, seeming to fall apart, to reflect such sentiments. Also, I thought about using actually currency bills as opposed to the text I’m using now, though most people wouldn’t be able to tell which bill corresponds to which country. As we discussed in class, conceptually more exploration of how to represent and discover how the currencies affect each other might be interesting, though I think of currency exchange as a symptom of something with little causality between them. However there probably is a structure where the change in one currency’s value influence another currency’s… etc.


The code can be found here.


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