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The idea is similar to Patrick’s box (“what they left behind” from Assignment 1). Here, instead of objects, people will submit drawings. A drawing is passed into a rolling scanner that sends the image to the computer, which then decides whether to accept it or reject it. There are two large transparent boxes, one for accepted drawings and another for the rejected. However, when a drawing is rejected, it’ll be sent through a shredder(!) before being dumped in the reject bin… On the wall behind this contraption, we’ll project 5 best drawings so far, just as a curator would display them at a museum.


We hope to see that people try to “learn” what the curator likes and does not like, and try to get their art accepted.

There are a couple machine learning components. We want the curator to have a set of criteria for judging the drawings. First, it will have a pre-trained classifier that defines the curator’s “taste”. But also, as people submit drawings, it will redefine its taste for a couple reasons: 1. it gets sick of “things” it’s seen too many e.g. stick figures, and starts to hate them. 2. it starts to like elements from the more recent drawings (following the “trend”) if there seems to be too few acceptances. The latter also would help with the fact that

We have not decided exactly what the pre-trained classifier would be trained on. A couple possibilities are: 1. a puzzle e.g. has to have 2. whatever we like.

Another idea is to have colored papers and/or some pre-drawn figures on the paper to promote certain kinds of drawings. The colored papers would make the installation more visually appealing.

Things to build: two boxes (need doors to empty out the bins if needed), a mechanical “switch” (probably a teflon cookie sheet with a cervo) connected to the computer (probably through arduino)

Things to program/learn: the predefined classifier, how to change strategies over time (with no particular goal, or just to balance the bins)

Other work: getting a scanner to activate the computer… another option is to use a camera, but the same problem persists.


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