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This is a “test” for your sexuality. You answer some related questions, and the algorithm decides whether you’re a man or a woman. Your “identity” is the bigger circle at the center. The questions are the smaller ones.

Mouse-over a question to see its description. If you agree with it, left click; if you strongly agree, click once more. Similar, if you disagree, right click, and click once more if you strongly disagree.

If a node’s fill color is pink, it means you answered it like a woman is “supposed to”. If it’s blue, you answered it like a man. The color of the border represents how the computer thinks you would answer it. Gray means “undecided”.

The questions are meant to be highly judgmental/prejudicial/stereotypical and sarcastic.

Below is a screenshot. The runnable program is here (sorry I can’t provide the actual code; there’s some “researchware” involved.) Type “java Main” to run.

I used the Belief Propagation algorithm to “propagate” each node’s status to that of the other nodes’.



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