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Paul Touches Food.

Our project which began life as a pipe-organ with animated monsters slowly transformed into an exploration of people’s choices when presented with food. In many ways it was incomplete and unfulfilling. This should likely be attributed to our overall lack of vision with the project, shifting many times before coming up with our presentation, much of which was untested. The visual display was useless, the input worked but was too long, and didn’t pull in users, and the “art” was absent.

However even with these failures I think there are a few important take-aways

  • We were concerned about wear and tear on our input kiosk, but instead (almost) no one touched it. Interaction, start-up, needs to be easier.
  • Our testing needs to be more iterative, we can’t finish everything at once, and we didn’t have good waypoints in our plan
  • We need to pick an idea, have a vision, and stick to it. This just didn’t happen
  • Art + ML + the Children’s Museum + three weeks, is possibly just too many constraints.

We think there is more too, but as we plan our final assignment for the class, hopefully this experience will provide us a far more solid foundation.


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