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Final(-ish) description:

This installation appears as a projection of an outside space, with butterflies flying around. As the visitor comes near to the projection, their shadow appears in the screen (as in the word rain installation). The butterflies respond to the shadow, approaching people and flying around them. Over time, butterflies will reproduce with each other. The color of the butterflies is a characteristic that will be passed between generations to help visitors understand what is happening. Butterflies will also change over time to reflect an aspect of the environment, probably the color of the visitor’s clothing.

Machine learning: The system tries to optimize the ability of the population of butterflies’ to touch the shadow. To do this, the characteristics of the butterflies are shuffled from one generation to the next using the genetic algorithm based on each butterfly’s fitness.


– what factors in the enviroment will affect the evolution of flies?

– how are flies adapting?


– programmed detecting visitors and drawing outline

– color palette and concept art

– programming fly class

– programming flies approach to outline (“collision”)


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