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Cube, coveredCube Output

I had a bluetooth keyboard around that I didn’t like, so I created a new kind of wireless input device. I made a cube that could sense which side was up — my original plan being to use this information to roll around a virtual cube. However, making the cube took so much time I ended up having to go with a simpler idea — displaying a color similar to the currently-up color of he cube.

Source code posted here.

My instructable for the orientation sensors here.

A bit more detail. The five-cent orientation sensors (two of these are used):

orientation sensor, no top

With the cap on:

orientation sensor, assembled

The keyboard interface. There were conveniently placed “test points” — essentially hacking-ready solder pads — for each contact:
Keyboard interface

Everything fit into the box (a floppy disk box that I’ve had for something like six years and have never used for anything):

Cube, put together

Overall, I’m pleased with the feel of the resulting cube. I think more could be done with the visualization. I’d also like it if the tilt sensors worked better (the nickles sometimes bind a bit on the perfboard). Finally, even though I do like the current feel, the whole cube isn’t as solid as it could be — a purpose-built (and painted) enclousure would be a nice addition to this project.


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