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The room schematic. Simple.

The room schematic. Simple.

This project is about the objects people are willing to give up. A central podium is the only object in the room. Visitors place an object on it, the podium, which should really be seen as part of the room, which is some sort of creature, decides to accept or reject the object.

If it accepts the object it opens, allowing the object to drop down into it, the object becoming part of the room. The rooms projection will then change, possibly thanking the guest in some way, and displaying the object as part of the collection it has created possibly in some sort of organized way if it can identify the object, if it cannot it may take some property of the object that it understands, a color, a noise it might make, the material it is made of, and embed that in to the atmosphere of the room.

Rejected objects will make the room angry, it may insult the visitor, it may darken the room, play terrible music, do something … mean.

As more people come the room itself develops more personality by the ongoing collection of objects it has amassed, it likes both depth & breadth, it will be happy to receive new varieties on a common theme, or things it has no experience with. Possibly if it knows nothing about an object, it would broadcast that object to the internet in such a way that viewers at home could tag the object or categorize it, in a way it understands.
Apologies to Jonathan Lethem, whose As She Climbed Across The Table had an obviously direct influence on this concept.

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