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VIP only

What does it mean to be VIP? Does it mean you paid a lot of money just to be in a room that was decorated to make you feel like a very important person? What if that room changed itself to make you feel important. VIP Lounge aims to make people see the room they are in as not just a room, but something they are part of. The camera(s) in the room look at people, see what they wear. They see if they are smiling, they see the colors of their clothes. The microphone is not only there to see how much people are interacting, it turns towards the sound. Camera also tracks motion to see how active the room is. The black box of the piece is to determine the smiles, results of the motion (if people are moving, where, how fast?). It also determines the output, things such as the lighting of the room, and a dynamic painting that is projected onto one of the walls.

With this piece, I want to explore how much people care about the place they are in. The room should become one of them, a big brother, the party host that serves only to entertain. People choose to go to specific bars/places because of the atmosphere that is mainly created by other people and the music, but a place where the atmosphere is tailored to the party that is in there right now would make social places much more interesting to be. The VIP Lounge should change itself for the people it contains, and the people should change for being in the VIP Lounge.


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