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Here the idea is simple. As one walks by the installation, his or her face gets imprinted in the screen in a two-dimensional representation: a circle of some color and some size. The learning happens before the installation is shown and it consists of learning two functions: one from the face image to a color, another from the face image to the size of the circle. The functions are learned from (face, color, size) triples made arbitrarily by the artist based on any features of the faces (e.g. facial expression/emotions, eye colors, hair styles, perceived personality, etc). In the end, during inference, the input data is the camera images captured of the audience and the output is the image with colored dots floating around.

What does this mean? For one, it captures whoever happens to be in the gallery on this screen in an image that resembles a simple screensaver (but while it looks like a screensaver, it is watching you…?). Also, I hope people notice that each person becomes a deterministic blob (not random) and start wondering why his or her circle looks like what’s shown. And hopefully they mix into a pleasing combination of colors…


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