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While trying to come up with ideas I realized I still don’t quite understand what machine learning is, so I focused on the idea of having an input and an output. My idea is also probably not really feasible as is, but I think maybe if it was changed around enough it could be done. Anyway, the viewer walks into a room surrounded by water behind walls of glass. Kind of like a fish tank except without fish or plants. As the viewer enters, droplets of water fall from a hole in the ceiling and land on some kind of waterfall contraption. I’m imagining something like a marble drop where the water slowly drips to the ground. Eventually the water would fall on the floor and disappear down a drain. The amount of water falling would be measured by the number of breaths the viewer takes (possibly the longer the breath the more water falling?). And if there are more people in the room, more water droplets would fall. I really don’t know if this is possible, but I liked the idea.
assignment 1


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