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My installation, based around the idea that children (and adults) would love to draw and paint wherever they please, is a room in which the floor and walls are touch-sensitive electronic canvases (the black boxes of the installation) that let the people inside of the room do exactly that. Whenever someone or something touches the floor or a wall, a paint-like mark will be output by the surface in response to the touch input and let the people in the room feel as if they are actually painting.

In the four corners of the room are cyan, magenta, yellow, and black areas that people can step in or touch to change the color with which they leave their marks. The CMYK marks can be blended together with older marks to create any color that the people in the room wish to make. Each time a new color is chosen, all new “paint” marks are made in that color. This will encourage children to collaborate with each other and parents to collaborate with their children to “paint” something together.

When the children and/or parents leave the room, they will have the option of either printing out or e-mailing themselves their creations so they can have a souvenir and a memory of a good time that they shared together.


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