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more of what you like

more of what you like

[wordpress cropped my image, the original is here.  Follows is the text. –jet]

Installation is a distinct room with fixed entrance and exit. It isimpossible to enter the room without having gone through the rest of the performance space.  Walls of the room have floor-to-ceiling projector coverage, making it impossible to avoid looking at a projected image no matter where one’s gaze is directed.  Only one person is allowed in the room at a time.

Hidden cameras in the performance space track eye movement and catalog what participants looked at and for how long.  This is not limited to installed objects, but includes other participants, mobile phone screens, exhibition brochures, etc.

Before the participant enters the installation room, images are pulled from various databases that are similar to what the person looked at before entering the room.  Images are projected on the walls and cycled based on the amount of time the person spent looking at specific things before entering the room.  3D printers create objects deposited on pedestals that the participant is allowed to take as they leave.

After enough time has passed (based on # of people waiting?), the images change to images of things the participant actively avoided looking at while in the space and images that have opposite content of what the participant liked.


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