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Immaculate Telegraph

Immaculate Telegraph

My assignment one riffs on an idea I saw on halfbakery a while ago. The notion being that because you can’t see the other booth, you won’t know if you are blinking a light for another human and getting responses, or if a computer is just playing with you. (The fact that the circuit is impossible as presented to the viewer — no power source — should also be a hint that something fishy is up.)



  1. can you say more about the machine learning component here?


  2. The secret computer interloper acts as follows:
    Whenever a person is in a booth (i.e. the switch has been used recently), it silently forwards the commands unaltered — e.g. it powers the light in the other booth whenever the switch in the first booth is closed.
    However, like the FBI, it is listening in on these conversations; so, if there isn’t someone in the second booth, the computer can respond using some generative model trained on previous conversation data.
    For an added flourish it could even, like Richard Nixon, record its own conversations with people, and use this data as well.

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