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My idea came about when Osman said “the experience of typing changes with ten foot keys”.  I was curious about another sort of activity that is fundamentally different with an enlarged size.  What about etch-a-sketch with 5 foot dials? The size and distance means that two people would have to participate, one on each dial, and due to the nature of the etch-a-sketch, a lot of communication is required.

In order to encourage the participation, I propose turning it into a game where the team must try and replicate a simple line drawing by using the dials.  The main machine learning question here is how do you evaluate the drawn picture with the original? The metric involved in comparing these two isnt necessarily obvious. It needs to take into account scale, rotation, translation, and slight skews.

The materials are easy enough: 2 usb jog dials, an LCD screen for the display of what to draw, and a projector for the drawing.


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